Sue Anulis-Bardo

Sue Anuils-Bardo
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 I  had a cyst in the plantar part of my right was removed, and the area would not heal...I suffer from neuropathy and poor circulation....I use Onnetsuki 2 hours a day for 3 weeks, and the doctor called it remarkable..the healing was accelerated, and now I'm no longer on crutches or a cane, and back into wearing my regular shoes...this has helped my feet, and hips, and well..just about any place that hurts, it takes away the pain, and restores me to health...even my doctor is amazed......Bobbi St.   Locke,NY

I was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident and caught a chain in the face causing my jaw to almost be torn from my face. I had 37 breaks to the lower jaw, and lost feeling in my mouth, lips and face as a result of the injury and the surgery to fix the damage. I was on so much medication I didn't know what I was doing. Upon starting Onnetsuki Therapy, I stopped taking drugs almost immediately, as it helped reduce the pain instantly, and the healing process was sped up so that it enables me to CHEW soft foods only after a few months. Alto I'm not healed 100% I'm on the right track and my doctor calls my recuperation a miracle, and never expected me to heal as quickly or with such great results..........Brian C. Dryden, NY

Massage therapy with Sue has helped me regain movement and live without pain ..........John B. Rochester, NY

My frozen shoulder was a problem after a fall, the doctor wanted to repair it with surgery.  It helped relieve the pain, and now surgery isn't required.........Joe S.   Rochester, NY

Had very bad plantar fasciitis, and couldn't walk without pain.  I had two treatments with Sue, and the pain is completely gone, and has never come back....... Barb H.   Henrietta,NY

I'm seeing Sue for massage, and have neuropathy due to diabetes. I come in once a month from Dansville,NY this has helped my feet regain all their feeling again........ Ann K.     Dansville, NY

Had a very bad motorcycle accident, years ago, and lost alot of mobility. The Treatments have elliminated almost all the pain, and has increased my mobility.  I can walk and run again without pain....Sue D.   Rochester, NY

This has helped my knee replacement regain flexibility, and reduce the pain from the surgery. I was able to get back to normal more quickly......Mike F.   Gates,NY

I had such a bad back that I couldn't stand the pain, and couldn't sit or stand for any length of time. Since I came in and had a few treatments with Sue, I feel better. I see my chiropractor less, and my adjustments seem to last longer.   I was so amazed.  It's given me a chance to do the things I used to do before I got injured........ Carol F.  Rochester,NY

I get treatments once a month because I carry all my stress in my neck and shoulders.  I feel like I turn to "stone".   After the treatment, I felt light and there was no "stony" feeling in my muscles. I could work again without pain....Arlene S.   Spencerport,NY

This is a very different treatment to neck and shoulder also helped with my diabetes and neuropathy I see Sue once a month to keep my problems from developing into bigger issues......Ron A.     Rochester,NY 

Having surgery on my right hand, to repair joint damage, was a very painful recovery until I contacted Sue. Having her set up a regiment of treatments with the Onnetsuki, and natural therapys accelerated my healing and allowed me to regain mobility and dexterity. Now my hand works like it did before my injury.......Marg. W.     Rochester, NY 

Having  had massages for a long time, nothing was working for me anymore so I decided to try something different, and gave Sue a call.  Now I visit Sue monthly and keep moving forward with my health issues. Some times you just have to go 'outside the box' to move forward.....Bill P.   Batavia,NY

I just purchased Sue's book and it's helped me so much started to use The Remedy.....Joey T. United Kingdom

I had a persistant cold and cough that I just couldn't get over, purchased the book, took The Remedy and now my symptoms are gone.....Sonya, north Carolina