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                                                   Orthopedic Therapy

Orthopedic Therapy techniques are very important in the repair, and healing of various injuries to the body and can increase mobility. Headaches, whiplash, neck, back, low back pain, artifical hip and/or knee replacements, TMJ, Bells Palsey, Polio, post polio symtoms, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, adhesions, siatic nerve problems,and chronic pain are some of the injuries in which this style of therapy are used. 

If you spend hours on the computer, or driving, have been in an automobile, tractor trailer or motorcycle accident, suffer from migraines, are in constant pain from a preexisting condition, this therapy may help your body recuperate faster, and reduce pain. The goal of Orthopedic Therapy is to dissolve adhesion's, normalize soft tissue, lengthen connective tissue, release trapped peripheral nerves, relieve pain, and much more. 

                                                  Chinese Meridian Therapy

Chinese Meridian Therapy is a form of natural energy healing. When applied to any of the 12 main channels, and the Eight Extraordinary Meridians in the body it will help stimulate the nervous system and allow the body to repair itself. The Eight Extraordinary Meridians are the first to form in utero. They represent a deeper level of energetic structuring, and play an important role within the practice of Holestic Healing. Collectively, they form the matrix within which the physical body functions. They also act as a network of communication between the physical and the more subtle energetic bodies. Chinese Meridian Therapy also helps the organs in the body regain their natural KI, and allow the body to return to healthier function.

Very tight and over worked muscles block nervous response in the body. Sore neck, "iron shoulders", hard knots, sore painful low back and hip issues deplete the body of KI and stop the body from healing. The use of cell phones, WiFi, computers and other electrical devices can also upset the natural electrical impulses of the body. By opening these blocked channels and meridians, the body will once again move forward toward a healthier self.

                                              Healing  By Touch  

Pauline Koniecznsky, a natural body healer from Poland, recognized that a very young age Sue had the ability to heal by touch.  Pauline helped educate, school and refine Sue's ability. Pauline also opened the door to Aromatherapy, Homeopathic Remedies, and Herbal Salves which were used in her paractice and passed them on to Sue who has gone on to use these modalities, and many other natural healing technics. Pauline was the inspiration for Sue's book, "The Recipe That Changed My Life"  now available on Kindle.     Use this link to preview and purchase the book.

                                              Onnetsuki Therapy

This form of Therapy was developed in Japan.  It simulates the natural rays of the sun, and imparts concentrated energy to help open blocked areas in the body by stimulating the cells, and help remove toxins that cause problems in the body. By removing these the body may return to it's original state, and repair itself from within more rapidly.  Many other forms of therapy are very intrusive, this style of therapy seemed to blend with healing by touch, and makes for longer lasting repairs to damaged areas of the body. For more information please go to the Onnetsuki page of this website.